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16 February 2030 @ 11:15 pm

ON TEMPORARY HIATUS Hello! This would be my journal. I have chosen to make all of my personal entries private (rants, blogs, lists etc.) so if you would like to actually be my friend just comments here (or just add me whatever) and unless I honestly cannot figure out why you are adding me (i.e.: I scour your journal to find that not only do we have nothing in common, but you hate everything I seem to love) I will add you back. If you're just looking for new friends, say so, and I will add you. Friends are nice and I am always looking for more.

My icons/fanfictions/any creative endeavors will ALWAYS be public. Everything I make, I make for everyone to enjoy. Keeping them strictly to my friends would be selfish of me. So if you just flutter by occaisionally to check to see if I have made any more icons/headway on my fic, not to worry, you should always be able to see these posts UPDATE: All my icons are now posted at my icon journal a_moricons however the links will always still be x-posted here. If I ever find a way to not suck at fanfic again that will be posted here and it will be public. If you'd like to friend me but don't know anything about me, just ask :).
17 September 2010 @ 01:37 am
Soooooooo I wrote an inception fic. I made it for my Heart of Gold giftee at whedonland but I'm actually pretty happy how this turned out. Well kind of. I'm never 100% happy with my writing but if you're so inclined to read follow the cut!

Inception - Don't Dream It's Over
Post Film
1600 Words

She was the fresh blood until she was nothing but a dried stain on the floorboards.Collapse )
Ahhh I know I've been saying that this was going to drop for a while now but it finally is! My Adelle/Topher mix! I'm actually really proud of it (except the cover art...I had other ideas but photoshop and me were not getting along). Anyways this was also made for the challenge at wlmaidenhead which you must fanmix a relationship. Since these two are like basically my OTP at this point I could think of no other. (Also helps that it was already more than half done). So without further adieu follow the jump.
And everybody wants a hand But I'm too busy holding up the worldCollapse )
23 January 2010 @ 07:45 pm
Yeah apparently I still post fanfiction here? I don't know it's been so long since I even attempted a go at it that it doesn't seem like a good idea to put it in my art journal. So it'll be here and under the cut if you're brave enough. Written for whedonland's thought-pocalypse week.
Fandom: Dollhouse
Characters/Pairing Topher and Adelle (with Topher/Adelle if you squint)
Disclaimer: Joss could kill me with his brain
Word count: 709
Summary: We all have our demons. We all cope differently. Adelle and Topher aide the other in the fight.

You Don't Have To Know EverythingCollapse )
18 October 2009 @ 08:36 pm
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Does my icon look fat in this? || MY THREAD

Vain Jess is Vain and wants to know what you think of her icons. It's anonymous so if you want to wank on me but don't want me to be all butthurt (trust, it's hard), go all super stealthy. Please critique and I will love you forever! Or you know feel free to gush cause I'm still vain
02 August 2009 @ 06:25 pm
A whole bunch of X-files icons I've had in flux for a while. Sorry I've been kinda slack on the posting, I've signed up for 2 sci-fi 100 icon challenges so I've been working on making 200 of those before September. Fun times people :D. Anyways to the icons! You all know the deal. Credit, Comment to make my day, Please don't hotlink and watch the comm for more updates (which I promise are going to be more frequent.)

HERE at a_moricons
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14 July 2009 @ 10:58 pm
I KNOW I KNOW I JUST POSTED like literally 15 minutes ago. But I found this kickass XF meme by being a general creeper and HAD to do it. Y'all know how it is what with moths, flames, flies, honey, Jess, table dancing and memes and whatnot. Why yes folks I am totally THAT girl who when she hears her favourite(club)song at a club or a party her first instinct is to jump on the nearest table so that EVERYONE CAN SEE HOW MUCH SHE LOVES THIS SONG! I know, I know I live the facepalm believe me. But this has nothing to do with the meme! NOTHING I SAY! Sorry I'm having a really bad ADHD day. Maybe I should finally crack and get the medication but on the other hand, I kinda like my tangents. On the other, it's starting to affect my everyday tasks more than I thought it would. Argh I don't know. Oh God this is STILL not the meme. MY BAD GUYS.

24 June 2009 @ 09:58 pm
So yeah, I made a community for my icons. Veryyyy nervous stuff because I mean, only the really good icon-makers have comms. It's not that I think I'm the best, it was more I want to keep all my icons in one place now, seperate from the real life. Which brings me to it!

It's called a_moricons and you all should mosey on over and take a peak! I'm still trying to get the coding worked out to my desiring but so far it looks pretty good. I just posted about 85 Doctor Who icons over there as well so it's not empty!